About US

Zaplinx Integrated Solutions  is a comprehensive IT solution provider and Consultant firm focusing on helping the business community in india  and Middle-east. Our Solutions & Services are developed significantly with best practices & Quality Controlled.

To provide world-class practical solutions that contribute to the success of our clients through reliable professionals, leading practices, state of the art technologies and other solutions.


Our Mission
Our mission is to enable our clients to achieve their business and market leadership through time-to-market and quality of the product/service, at reduced cost by providing.Solutions that will draw in new customers but also to create a compelling and effective online experience for complete customer satisfaction. By using a combination of a clearly defined strategy, aligned with current design technology, methodology and technical functionality. Innovative solutions to complex development requirements using state-of-art technology, without compromising on quality. Dedicated post deployment support, and continuous improvement to product and services.


To consistently provide World Class solutions, on time and within budget, to  clients world-wide to enable them to leverage their IT investment.To be a leading solution provider by delivering superior web solutions to enhance  the competitive advantage of our clients in the International Market.


Zaplinx Integrated Solutions Advantages

  • Our contract negotiation, pricing, support and extension (outsource management) is very simple, straightforward and easy to understand and execute.



  • Our methodology for acquiring a contract and taking it through its successful completion and support incorporates a radically different approach, in which, quality assessment and management begins on the very first stage of initiating the contract and proceeds through every stage of the project.we continuously invest in upgrading our people, process and technology every year to fulfill our endeavor and to provide high quality solutions and service to our clients.



  • Our project management methodology forces us to adhere to a disciplined and structured approach to a full life cycle of development process, which assures us success in all the projects
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  • The flexible project scope management approach is an advantage to all our clients that lets them re-arrange the scope of their requirements at any stage of the project without exorbitant cost increase.