Enterprise Portals Development

Zaplinx Integrated Solutions has a varied experience in Web Portal design & development. We develop different types of business, community, B2B and B2C web portals. We develop professional and elegant B2B web portals that provide appropriate platform for two or more business communities or organizations to boost and promote each other’s business interest. However, B2C portals are developed and kept interactive keeping in mind mass appeal.


A Portal is Database/transaction based website that securely provides the online transaction and information on wide range of Product and services to an online community. It makes possible for the user to transact business without physically being present on the vendor’s door perhaps located across the boundaries.


A Portal could be a business portal, Community Portal, B2B and B2C portal or Enterprise portal. For many users portals are gateways to the Internet. They give you a global presence in front of millions of prospects within seconds. Your organization’s portal helps you in competing on equal terms with companies ten times the size of yours.


They are like any real market place or shopping mall where companies and organization deal directly with the end user. Our portals have the best e-commerce strategies embedded in them. E-business portals have full-featured e-catalogues, customizable and versatile shopping carts, convenient and secured payment gateways and robust and secured databases.


At ZIS leverages technology & creativity to build interactive, innovative & efficient portal solutions for its client. Community portals lay more stress on Content and Communication. E-business portals emphasize more on monetary transactions, collaborations and focus.


However, an organization portal is proactive, customizable, extensible and has a universal information access. Whatever type of portal it may be we develop all of them keeping in mind that they are easy to use, uncluttered, professional, attractive, fast loading, result oriented and interactive.


Portals developed by us are backed by the best and the latest technology that ensures best security controls are incorporated within them. Your online transactions will be easy, hassle free and secured.


Navigation is easy, layouts are clean and pages load fast. We undertake Portal development services that are professional, affordable and delivered on time. While the web applications are developed on PHP, ASP, JSP and CSS template platforms the backend database is supported by Database Programming on MySQL & SQL server