Payroll & HR Software

Our payroll software designed for enterprises with simple to complex payroll needs, closely integrated with attendance and loans to automate payroll processing. Customizable, flexible, yet easy to use solution that solves all your payroll issues.

Our product and technology teams had the luxury of designing and building PaySpace from scratch and were therefore able to create an intuitive and modern payroll solution. We threw out many legacy payroll approaches such as the month end pay-run concept and greatly simplified data capture by embedding legislation into the software thereby minimising the number of fields and forms that a user is required to fill in.

ZIS brings 7 years of expertise in HR & payroll software products. Experience a rare mix of technical competence, quality service and pragmatic design. You get effective & simple solutions developed with cutting edge technology and backed by reliable tech support.

Payroll Processing
It goes without saying that PaySpace has all of the usual payroll functionality that is expected of most payroll systems, however, we have vastly improved the way in which typical tasks are performed on a monthly basis allowing the user to work more efficiently. Here is a list of some of the payroll features we offer:

  • * Salary Processing on Click
    * User defined Salary Heads 
    * User defined Salary Structure 
    * User defined Formulae 
    * Import of Salary Details.
    * Bonus
    * PF
    * ESI
    * Gratuity
    * Professional Tax
    * Customizable Pay Slips 
    * Payslips with YTD
    * Calculation History for each payslip
    * Statutory Reports – PF, ESI and more
    * Printable Challan Reports
    * Salary data export to Excel
    * Bulk email of pay slips to all employees.