Web Applicaton Development

In today's ever-changing business environment, relentless competition and demands for cost efficiencies require increasingly complex solutions, often spanning organization and geographic borders. Company leaders must grab hold of emerging business opportunities that demand rapid implementation and adoption of solutions driven by new technology and business integration.

More and more organizations are turning to trusted, strategic partners to help them balance the challenges of adapting to transforming technologies, handling daily operational concerns and complying with the demand for leading-edge applications. As organizational executives drive their company's growth and innovation agenda, they look to optimize their applications environment as a key enabler.

At ZIS, with our state-of-art software & web application development services we  deliver web application development services to numerous and diverse business entities. We apply time-honored rapid application development process using our proven agile application development methodologies and frameworks to help clients reap the benefits of cost effectiveness, flawlessness, and timely project completion. The frameworks cover the entire software development life cycle (SDLC) processes starting from business requirement analysis to successful completion of application. The warranty support that we provide while delivering various projects and that too with 100% satisfactory results is a proof of our confidence in ourselves as well as our concern for the people who have put their faith in us.


Quality that we maintain

  • * We start test cycles early to deliver the best bug free application.
  • * We make the 100% test coverage to attain the additional of complexity efficiently.
  • * Wrapping existing engineering practices including Extreme Programming, Our development methodology provides the added advantages to quick and efficient product / application implementation


Efficiency we possess

  • Shorter cycles force engineers to automate builds, unit tests and deployments We repeat the same process several times within the release cycle to increase product accuracy.



Custom application development
Packaged applications are designed with broad features demanded by a larger percentage of the industry, however in an ever changing world one doesn't want to be restricted at any levels. Custom application development gives the flexibility of building applications specific to your business needs with the long term vision that change is apparent.

Custom application development is as it holds "custom-made" - it streamlines business processes in the most cost effective and efficient ways Logiphilic Solutions ensures it understands your goals and designs applications to fully satisfy its customers.

Our custom application development services ensure the following:
    • * The expertise to surpass customer expectations offering high quality custom application development services engineered to suit every customer's requirements.
  • * Mature processes with proven tools, efficient methodologies, and comprehensive
    verification and validation


  • * Innovative, experienced, and accomplished custom application development services catering to various industries.
  • * Monthly/daily/weekly/yearly archiving